Gen AI, SQL, show-n-tell? Help guide agenda for next User Group event

  • 21 November 2023
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I’m planning our next User Group event and would love to get your guidance so it meets community interests. Most likely this will be a virtual event, so you don’t have to be in Boston to participate.

Some candidate topics include:

  • Generative AI integrations with Benchling
  • SQL (for Insights or Warehouse) for scientists and engineers (multiple levels)
  • Integration/application show-and-tell

I have many more suggestions, but what’s important is to hear from you!


We’re still experimenting with communication channels. We’ve set up a Boston User Group section within this Community. Ideally, if you’d like to participate in User Group discussions we’ll do that in the dedicated channel. Please link over to so you can participate. That said, I’m sure people will reply here too and that’s fine. You can write me a letter with a stamp if that works, I just want to get your input.

2 replies

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@Ken Robbins  - Did you mean to link to

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Thanks for checking @maryann22 . That is also a useful link, but for this particular post I was focusing on driving people to join the channel for the user group here on the Community. It would be great if people would also join the Meetup group since that’s where we manage the actual events, but I’m hoping to use this Community for the discussion and planning about events.