Growing your team? We’ve got your covered on getting your new hires trained on Benchling.

  • 19 February 2024
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Onboarding new employees to your team comes with inevitable challenges, so we wanted to put together this quick guide to make onboarding on Benchling easy. Pull out this guide for all your new hires… or even for those who may need some brushing up (we know there’s a lot to learn)! All of the below resources are FREE and included in your Benchling subscription - 

  • Benchling Learning Labs - Training base for all things Benchling, created with best practices in mind. Scientists can get started with “How to” Lessons and Foundational Courses, or sharpen their skills and level up with advanced Benchling courses! Each of your users can sign up using their Benchling login credentials.
  • Benchling Bootcamp - Unique learning opportunity designed for a small group of Benchling end-users to deep dive into the applications with guidance from our Customer Experience team. We hold monthly sessions on topics ranging from Benchling fundamentals to advanced application deep dives and best practices. Register to attend the sessions live to ask questions OR watch the past recordings anytime on Benchling YouTube
  • Benchling Best Practice Guides - Everything from data capturing, results, building templates, structuring projects, onboarding new users & MORE!

Lastly, sometimes adding new employees means replacing former ones. Make sure to suspend any user accounts that are no-longer active. Suspending users won’t delete or remove any data associated with that account, but it will restrict that users ability to access your tenant and protect your data - all good things! 

As always, reach out to us, (Madi Tostrud at or Jackie Otterbein at with any questions! 🚀🚀

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