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Best Practice Guide: Data Ingestion

  • 15 September 2023
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We have an great new addition to the Benchling Product Guide family, aimed at helping those of us who struggle to efficiently push data into the Benchling system.  Let us know which of these methods you prefer when uploading different types of data.

Full BPG linked below!


Here’s what to expect from this BPG:

  • Data Ingestion Methods - There are 4 main options for getting data into Benchling, listed below 
    • Single-Entity Import - For low volume imports
    • Structured Table Import - Provides experimental context
    • Spreadsheet Import - For infrequent large volume imports
    • API Import - For ongoing or automated data imports
  • Ingesting Physical Sample Data - Remember to register samples prior to creating containers within Benchling, samples can be added afterwards.
  • Single Upload Process - Check out our process for making bulk registration and inventorying a simpler simultaneous upload




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