Best Practice Guide: Witness and Review

  • 11 October 2023
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Back with another Best Practice Guide, this time focusing on a super important topic - Witness and Review!

Your Notebook Entries shouldn’t just pile up like dirty laundry.  Despite the extra step, it is so worth it, especially when regulatory agencies come knocking.  Follow along with this guide to make sure you consider all of the important questions when it comes time to set up a strict Review Process for your team!

Full BPG attached below!

Here’s what to expect in this Best Practice Guide:

  • Why Establish a Witness and Review Process?  - 3 basic reasons why you should spend the time and effort getting a review process in place
  • Witness and Review Project Settings - Understand the benefits of Simple Auditor Review and more rigorous Review Processes and how to set them up in your Project structure
  • When Should you Send a Notebook for Review? - Preview one of the questions you may want to ask your team when you establish what does “good” mean for an entry
  • Creating SOP’s to Document your Decisions - Ensure your team has good guidance on what constitutes proper reviewing
  • Monitoring your Reviews - Look at some of the features in Benchling that can help you monitor the review status of entries as your review processes come online



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