💌 Benchling Valentine's Contest! ❤️

  • 31 January 2024
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💌 Benchling Valentine's Contest! ❤️
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Hey Benchling Community! 🧪✨


After the fun we had with our ugly sweater contest, we're back with more fun – Valentine's Day style! 💖 With the season of love fast approaching, we're on the lookout for your most clever Benchling-inspired "pick up lines" and greetings for V-Day cards.

We're turning to YOU for some witty and charming suggestions! Share your ideas in the comments below and let's spread the Benchling love! Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

-”Our sequences are SO aligned”

-”Nothing makes my heart race like getting @ mentioned by you” 

-”You + Me are linked entities”


The top three submissions with the most likes will each win a $50 gift card to splurge on awesome Benchling swag at our store! 🎉✨ We’ll turn the winning pick-up lines into shareable digital valentine cards.


🏹How to Participate:

1. Comment with your Benchling-inspired pick-up lines or V-Day greetings below by Friday, February 9th. Tag your friends so they can vote for you!

2. Vote by liking your favorite submissions 

3. Winners will be announced the following week based on the highest likes and will be shared on Benchling social channels


Let the creativity flow, and let's make this Benchling Valentine's Day unforgettable! 💙💻❤️ 


9 replies

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Totally nerding out here -- just a few really cheesy and bad ones

  • API❤U
  • My tenant or Yours?
  • Would you be my co-author on this crazy entry called LIFE?
  • You must be an expert pipettor, because you’re making me dilutional.
  • You must be a tangential flow filter, because I can’t concentrate when I’m around you
  • If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put A and I together
  • /r SCHEMA ME

SideNote: I inadvertently came up with NSFW ideas and spared you from those here...

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@vinniev 👏🏼 

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Best entries forever

Insight me



Let’s experiment

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I may need to check my Inventory settings because I can’t contain my love for you ❤


I’ll share my Saved Search with you anytime ❤


Me: Will you be my valentine? Benchling Developer Platform: App-solutely ❤


Are you a Workflows Router? Because my life would have no direction without you ❤


Structured Data is my love language ❤

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Structured Data is my love language ❤

@Melissa DiTucci Please make this a BENCHLING TEE!!!!!!!!

You and me are like Benchling and iPads - not compatible 😫

Is your name CRISPR? Because you’re cutting up my heart 

You’re like E. coli, stinky but I still love you.

@yec885 but you can’t win again





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Here are a few from the Benchling team: 

  • Are you a primer? Because I’d like to pair up with you.
  • I must be a sample in your Benchling project because you've got me feeling all analyzed and understood.
  • Unlike my sample, our love can’t be contained 





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 Thanks @vinniev @tessa.melli  - You guys rocked this and had the winning Vday “pick-up lines”. We’ll be posting tomorrow via our social channels. love😍




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Would you look at that - we ARE good for SOMETHING!