Benchtalk Call for Speakers Open – Apply Now!

  • 4 April 2024
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Big news: Benchtalk is back this October and the 👉 call for speakers is open for Boston (10/1-10/2) and London (10/23-10/24)!

Apply today for a chance to become a part of the prestigious community of experts selected to show off their learnings and expertise like @AnnaS_Lyell@justintaylor@MichaelD @tangy73 and @Ken Robbins.

Submissions will be read and presenters notified on a rolling basis, so apply soon! The call for speakers will close on May 15th and all presenters will be notified by May 31st.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below so we can all learn together or DM me or @maryann22.

5 replies

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Sounds pretty cool - I gotta think of a good talk and see if I can make the cut :)

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@vinniev would love to see you and @Ken Robbins  presenting together 🔥

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I’m not sure I have enough experience to be the speaker, but I’d really love to see a session about “How to write a great support message”

I’m thinking maybe someone from support, and someone who’s a user going through some scenarios of what is the most essential information to include in support tickets to help get an outcome faster and more accurately. I’ve lately been using screen recordings and (I think) getting better at what sort of thing to include. 

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@BeataDunne love your thinking here, adding @Selma from our marketing team in Europe to share more on next steps.

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@BeataDunne great idea!  It’s like learning how to prompt ChatGPT but instead - how to give the BenchlingBOT a BOOST!