New product idea responses: Your questions answered!

  • 10 May 2024
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Hi everyone, happy Friday!

You might have noticed some of your ideas getting replies recently from our awesome product team! We've been hearing some questions around about this process, so I wanted to hop in to address those and open up the conversation for other questions.

  1. Why did the status change on my idea without a response from the product team? Don't worry! The product team always responds to your idea before we tweak the status. It will appear as two separate messages because only community admins like myself and @Melissa DiTucci are able to adjust statuses. Just scroll up a bit to find the product manager's response. Oh, and heads-up: you might not see the Benchling Logo / JeffyP next to their name, but a quick hover over their picture will reveal their role.

  2. My idea didn’t get a response. Why? Hang tight! Once your idea hits the minimum voting threshold (which we've set at 25 votes for now), our Benchling Product team will dive in and give it their two cents. Good news, however, while the numver of ideas meeting this threshold is more manageable, the product team has been responding to votes with 15+ ideas!

Oh, and speaking of changes, huge shoutout to @Ken Robbins, one of our top community contributors, for helping us revamp our statuses for better clarity. Here are two key changes we've made:

  • Backlog —> 📌 Future Roadmap: Considered for the future product roadmap but not yet under construction. Note: Our roadmap is constantly reprioritized and subject to change so we cannot commit to delivery certainty or timing.
  • Not Planned —> 🟡 Not Currently Planned: Not selected for the product roadmap or deprioritized.

Check out @Mike Taylor’s below article for the latest statuses and their definitions:


Got more questions? Just drop them below, and we'll be right on it.

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This is why I keep pushing my ideas to the top :)  This has been a great day to see a lot of comments from the product teams today!