Product Response Recap 💡

  • 9 November 2023
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Last week was our first quarterly product response week, where members of our product team responded to the submitted ideas that had surpassed 25 upvotes. We had 10 ideas that met this threshold. Thank you to all who voted and contributed to this initiative. We’ll plan to repeat this effort at the end of January. Thanks @reed​​, @Mike Taylor@tara@salil@Kyle for your responses and participation in this initiative! 

As Shawna described in her AMA back in August, we have to say no to some ideas to be able to say yes to others and there will always be far more things we want to build than we can commit to. Having these ideas marked as “Not Planned” doesn’t mean they couldn’t be reconsidered in the future, and doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to show our support for features that would be impactful for you. I encourage everyone to continue sharing your use cases, adding details, and discussing the future of Benchling you want to see. 

1 Under Construction

3 Under Evaluation 

6 Not planned

Check out our Ideas Portal and filter by “Most Popular” to see the ideas with their updated statuses and with comments from our Product Managers. 

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