User Groups: Vote for your city to be next!

  • 22 March 2024
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Hey everyone 👋 I'm excited to share that User Groups are gaining momentum in Boston, and this month, we're gearing up for our second city launch: Madison, WI – all thanks to our fantastic leaders @Ken Robbins and @gfmayhew!

🗳️Want to see a Benchling User Group come to your city?

  • Cast your vote in the poll or comment below to nominate your city for our 2025 roadmap.

What are User Groups?

  • Gatherings hosted for users, by users. They’re all about bringing great minds together to swap knowledge and make a few friends along the way. Learn more here.

💻 Excited to meet up with other Benchlings but can’t wait until your city is launched?

  • No problem, stay tuned for virtual users groups like the event @Ken Robbins is hosting on App Canvas and other front-end apps. P.S. Have expertise on this topic? Ken is actively looking for speakers!

📩 Passionate about Benchling and excited to help bring people together? Drop me a DM or comment below if you’d like to learn more about becoming a User Group leader.

Which city would you like to see as the next destination for Benchling User Groups?

3 replies

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Excited to let you all know the San Diego Benchling User Group is has now launched 🚀 thanks to our new user group leader @blake.fief. Be sure to join if you live in the SD area.

📨 Want Benchling User Groups in your city? Cast your vote to make it happen!

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Is there London and Edinburgh already? 

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Not yet @BeataDunne!