Win a Limited-Edition Holiday Ugly Sweater 🎁 – Here's How!

  • 27 November 2023
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Contest is now closed--thank you to all who participated! 😁

Thanks to the community on voting for your favorite holiday ugly sweater. Now here are the details on how to actually get one of our exclusive 2023 ugly sweaters! ✨

Winning Design

The rules are simple to qualify, you must:

1) Comment on this post on why you are thankful for the Benchling community

2) Tag at least one person from your company in your post

3) Add a photo to your profile (if you haven’t already)

⭐️IMPORTANT: You must complete all steps to be entered into the raffle by Dec 15th by 8am PST! 

We will be giving away a total of 20 limited-edition Benchling holiday ugly sweaters 🤗 We can’t wait to see all of your pics wearing your ugly sweater! 

Happy Holidays 🎄

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48 replies

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1) I am thankful that there’s so much participation and collaboration in the Benchling community. It’s nice to see that people who come from all sized companies and different industries can relate and offer advice to ones that are just starting with Benchling.

2) Shout out to @jhvel  for joining the benchling community! I am from a very small start up and was the only member that joined the community until today!

3) I have a photo on my profile that features my dog Quinny (short for Quinoline).


Good luck to everyone entering!!! 

I’m thankful for all the great knowledge curated within this community, from articles, documentation, and forum topics. I just want to download everything into my brain.

Tagging @Steve-Dyno, and check out that Benchling x Dyno logo remix on his profile.

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It’s been a great way to learn lots and see other peoples cool product ideas

Shout out to @alex.townsend !

  1. I’m thankful for the friendly vibes, and the visibility and discussion of feature requests.
  2. @claudia here’s a chance for some Benchling swag, having missed out on grabbing a Jeffy P plushie at Benchtalk!
  1. I’m thankful for a impassioned community working to improve and help each other out.
  2. @adawzhang swag
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  1.  It’s so great to finally have access to the brilliant minds of Benchling users around the globe.  Such awesome sharing and collective problem-solving for everyday documentation & data management challenges of working in a rapidly evolving scientific space such as Cell and Gene Therapy!
  2. Grateful that @tessa.melli helped to be a part of the team to put this Community together!
  3. Santa - please give me one of those SWEET XL ugly sweaters.
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  1. I love what we’re able to accomplish by pooling our collective knowledge as a community! 💪
  2. Shoutout to @samivel for basically everything, but especially for helping me unlock the magical powers of the Benchling API 🌠
  3. If you’re trying to find me, look for the guy with green hair 😎
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  1. I love being able to share feature ideas / get feedback on my ideas / comment on others’ ideas
  2. The Benchling Dream Team! @ctormey @grace.chen @dforegger + Reggie (but I couldn’t find him to tag)
  3. photo added! 
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I love the collective knowledge and having peers to turn to to solve all problems Benchling!

@Jax for actually everything.

  1. I am thankful for the openness to hearing new ideas and the enthusiasm for incorporating suggestions from end users into the product :) 
  1. @jhuang My benchling guru <3 

I am thankful that Benchling actually listens to its community for new feature requests and that the community is so active in helping push for features that make Benchling even more useful for all of us!


Shoutout @mbaumel22 for pointing me to the post!

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I am thankful for the Benchling Community so that Benchling users across organizations and industries can come together and share learnings/best practices for using the Benchling system to its fullest capabilities.

 @vinniev and I have gotten so much helpful info from this community already!


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  1. I am thankful for the Benchling Community where I can follow community trends, comment and support others’ ideas, and also connect with past collaborators! Seeing others’ challenges and solutions sparks ideas on how to improve my own Benchling instance.
  2. Thank you @the_label_guy for the tag 😊 
  1. Thankful for the community providing advice and support as we get up and running with Benchling in the early days of our company. Great to have ideas/suggestions to help our end users familiarise themselves with the system and use it as much as possible for data entry and experimental recording.
  2. @hannes - big thanks as you’ve made a huge effort on getting the schemas set up and training the lab staff.
  1. Thankful for an active forum where peers can share ideas and can contribute new ideas to make Benchling better!
  2. Shoutout to @Adam Brown for being our resident Benchling guru

I am thankful for the enjoyable interaction that I have had with the Benchling community.  Everyone that I have interacted with from Benchling and at Benchling events has been kind, happy, and personable.  This makes interacting with the community fun!


Tagging @joyce.samson!

New to the Benching community!  Looking forward to utilizing this tool more…

@Jack Brady ….you would look awesome in the ugly sweater!...good luck!

Added new profile pic.

I am thankful to have such a good resource for trouble shooting and learning the best ways to approach new problems and finding different solutions



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I am super thankful for the Benchling community because it serves as a place for collaboration. It’s a great resource to learn and come up with new ideas for the platform. Special thanks to @suyog_y for assisting with the ELN implementation for our company. 




Benchling makes sample submission so much easier, can´t wait to explore more functions on Benchling! @Julie 

I am thankful to the Benchling community for giving me lots of good ideas on how to improve the way we use Benchling and for connecting me with other users from lots of places! 
@Juan Pablo welcome to the community! 

  1. New to the community and happy to learn about all the ideas proposed in the forum 🤗

I am grateful for the brainstorming happening here to propose new features and ways of working !

  1. Tagging my colleague from Iceland, @rongge also working daily with benchling. 

We would love to get this amazing benchling sweater to shine in our company ugly sweater contest ! 🤞🏻😁

I'm thankful to hear about other people’s ideas on how to improve Benchling (and hopefully work together to make a compelling case that gets implemented). Tagging @PierLucD who could really use this sweater in the cold North.

​​​​​​Hi Everyone 😊

  1. I'm really thankful for the Benchling Community it’s been a great addition to my work.  I've found a bunch of helpful tips and tricks on how to make the most out of the software. It's cool to see others talking about ideas I've had and want to try out in the system. Plus, as the tenant admin, it's my go to for finding smart solutions and workarounds for those little issues that pop up. 
  2. I am tagging @sriboppana since he has been a great mentor since I started my Benchling journey! 😄


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I am thankful for this open platform available to us all so we can share our ideas and experiences. Shout out to @Julie for joining this community 🥳