New to the Community? Introduce yourself!

  • 10 July 2023
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New to the Community? Introduce yourself!
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Hey there!

Welcome to the Benchling Community. We’re so excited you’re here.

I’m Ellie Stuvland – one of the community managers at Benchling. We’re all about building connections and fostering collaboration, so we’d love it if you took a moment to introduce yourself. I’ll start us off – a bit about me below.

Born and raised just south of Minneapolis, Minnesota 🌲 Left the cold winters in search of sunshine and landed in Santa Barbara 🌤 where I live with my partner and 3 year old Australian Shepherd, Pickle 🐶. We’re expecting our first child this fall (new parent tips, welcomed!) so I’ll be quiet around here come October but – don’t worry, my amazing teammates will keep the fun going.


Now it’s your turn 😉 reply below to introduce yourself to the community! Looking forward to meeting you all.


- Ellie


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Hi! ✨

I’m Melissa DiTucci -- I work on the Customer Success team, run Benchling Bootcamp series, build our best practice guides, and will be playing an active role in the community! I was born and raised outside of Boston and work in Benchling office downtown. Sometimes my dog Murphy and cat Squirrel guilt me into working from home 🙃 Before I worked at Benchling, I had some pretty cool jobs including conducting research with butterflies 🦋, working at some incredible botanical gardens 🌷, and taking care of goats on a farm 🐐 


My name is Aramis. I develop manufacturing processes for iPSC-derived cells at Previously I was studying medical biosciences at Imperial College London. I’ve been involved in SynBio projects in the past, mainly exploring new applications for classical DNA recombination tech. I first got into Benchling through their molecular biology suite. I was using crappy software like ApE before I discovered Benchling, so it was a big deal for me.

I spend a lot of time reading about technologies which improve the safety and efficacy of cell therapies. When I’m not reading I basically just spend my time watching movies. I’m currently really into ‘spaghetti westerns’ 🤠

Please reach out if you ever want someone to bounce ideas off of.

Happy to be apart of the community!✌️


My LinkedIn:

My website:


My name is Dave Brown, I am the Assay Team Group Lead at FabricNano. A company focused on making enzymes work in the real world.

I have been using Benchling since my postdoc started in 2016 and I see tremendous potential in it to streamline lab science. It is the skeleton of every experiment we do so I love it but I get very frustrated when something doesn’t work smoothly.

I am a biochemist and cell biologist by training. I have worked in cellular agriculture and now in analytical chemistry and enzymology. In all cases data handling has been a central concern.

I am glad to see a community form around this software as an important step for open science.