Should I contact Support or ask the Benchling Community?

  • 10 July 2023
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Should I contact Support or ask the Benchling Community?

Hey Benchling Community,

We’re excited to have a new space online for you all to connect, share knowledge & get support from your peers. You’ll also see Benchling employees (you can call us Benchlings 😉) participating in community discussions on occasion so you might be wondering, 


“Is this the new place I go for all my support questions?”


The short answer is, no. Our Benchling Help Center is still the best place to go for official, in-depth support content and help from our professional support team.

Think of the Benchling Community as your ‘phone a friend’ 📞 option. Your peers can help provide great advice based on their own experiences and lessons learned but if you’re looking for official support, please
contact us Benchling Support through the Benchling Help Center or in-app chat on your Benchling tenant.

It’s hard to think of every scenario where you might need help, but here are a few examples of when you might reach out to the Community vs. Support to get your wheels turning:


Ask the Community

Think tips/track, lessons learned, peer advice

Go to Benchling Help Center

Think troubleshooting, professional support, product docs, release notes…

  • I’m rolling out Benchling next week (yay!) and curious if anyone has creative ways to drive strong adoption
  • I’m looking for advice on how to set up my startup’s data model for scale
  • I’m curious if anyone has a good method of tracking passage number for Cell Lines
  • I’m struggling to understand our lab scientists’ needs, looking for tips on how to break down communication barriers between IT and R&D
  • I’m having trouble logging into Benchling

  • I received an error message in my tenant

  • I running into challenges assigning entries

  • I’m looking for product documentation / release notes



Still not sure who to reach out to? That’s ok – we’re all learning here!

  • Choose whichever channel you think is best
  • Rest assured our Benchling moderators will help ensure your questions get answered by the right team
  • If you posted in the Community but your question is probably better suited for the Support team, we can help reroute your ticket to the Support team


❗Pro tip: For your convenience and ours, please limit your post to one channel e.g. if you’ve already created a community post, please do not submit a ticket to the Support team. Reason is, this will lead to duplicative conversations when we try to route your question to the right home.


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