Welcome to the San Diego User Group!

  • 4 April 2024
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Hi all 👋

My name is Blake and I was previously a process development RA, then data scientist and now software engineer at AbSci. Originally from Oregon, I now live in San Diego and I'm super passionate about getting Benchling users together in our area to learn, share & hopefully build out some connection adapters for Benchling Connect (a passion area for me!)


I'm excited to let you know that I am in the process of organizing our first User Group meeting – soon I'll be sending out a poll so you can all vote on the date/time.


We'll use this group in the online community for planning, discussing content and scheduling. Lots more time come – thanks for being here!


What is this user group about?
The goal of these user groups is to bring together Benchling platform users of all types, from scientists to admins to developers to data/computational scientists. We want to create a space where you can connect with colleagues, share ideas, solutions, tips, and experiences, all centered around the common theme of Benchling.

2 replies

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@sethsteenfuentes @martin.navarrete @gjacobson @fgabeau  Thought you would be interested in this! 




Was great connecting at the community event the other week, @blake.fief! Very interested and excited to chat about Connect and also ‘connect’ with more users!