Cheers to closing out 2023, Benchling Community! 🎉

  • 18 December 2023
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Hi Benchling Community!

As we wind down 2023 and look forward to 2024 here’s a quick virtual message from our team.


As a Community, not only did we have fun, connect, learn, inspire and enjoy, but we made a real impact. Because of you and your collaborative powers, people learned to solve big problems together, and inspired new ways of thinking. 

Some Benchling Community moments that made us smile….

  • Launching our online community in August 👊
  • Benchtalk 23' where we gathered our global community for a 2-day event of knowledge sharing & connections 🌎
  • Our first user group in Boston led by @Ken Robbins   🤝
  • Fun & insightful “Ask Me Anything” series  featuring our very own PM team 🗣
  • Seeing hundreds of interactions from our community helping and answering each other 🏆

:heart:  Kudos to these top Benchling Community contributors 

Thank you for your support and input during the launch of the Benchling Community! And thank you to our top 20 contributors since launch!

 @Ken Robbins @Chantelle @kathryn @Jax @jtuc @gwoo @samivel @Denisemh @Felicia2320 @Tammi Vesth  @rooshabh @stefano_g @vinniev @jhuang @RERODE @Eric Danner @hornsbym @neocaridina_rancher @mike @bryanmkevan 

We’re always listening and are so proud to build this community alongside you.Congratulations everyone, and here’s to another year of community awesomeness! 🥂


Maryann , Melissa and Joe 


4 replies

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Thanks so much for launching this community -- it’s been a long-time coming :)  Excited to see all the great ingenuity from the users across the globe.

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@Melissa DiTucci @maryann22 @joe.sylvester To me the Benchling Community is a huge success in that you’ve really be able to create a place where users from all over can connect and it does feel like a group of colleagues working on a similar goal even though we come from all different companies and backgrounds. Thanks and looking forward to continued collab in 2024. Gary

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Echoing @gwoo, @maryann22​​@Melissa DiTucci , @joe.sylvester and I’m sure others who are impactful but unseen, we appreciate all your efforts to build something from scratch an adapt and improve as well all learn together. I’m looking forward to an amazing 2024!

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Happy to contribute to the community! :) despite being a top contributor I feel I got back more than I gave, so the community, at least for me, has been fun and incredibly useful! Hope more and more people will contribute in the future!