Join us TOMORROW (4/9) for our Umoja Coffee Chat

  • 8 April 2024
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Join us TOMORROW (4/9) for our Coffee Chat with Tessa and Vinnie from Umoja.

You’ll gain powerful insights from a mature & successful organization that has been leveraging Benching for years.Vinnie shares a ton of wisdom & perspective on our forums every week and both Tessa & Vinnie stole the show at our Benchling Valentine’s Contest with the Benchling puns 😝

Umoja can definitely serve as a “Benchling Role Model” for companies looking for inspiration on how configure & maintain a successful Benchling system—look no further than their program pipeline to see how well they’re doing.As an added bonus, we’ll be sending coffee funds to a few lucky attendees.

Can’t wait to see you there! Registration Link

2 replies

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If you have any questions for Tessa & Vinnie please thread them here! 

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That was a lot of fun @Melissa DiTucci -- seemed like a good crowd and lots of engagement.  Thanks to the community for your questions during the session.  Please feel free to reach out to Tessa and me through the private chats on here if you want more 1:1 discussion.